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For the most diverse newbb电子 selection on the market, customers turn to newbb电子平台 Safety to get their newbb电子 customized wherever possible. When you are looking to spread the message about your brand, we're here to help make that happen.

It has never been as simple as today, adding a company's logo or text to newbb电子. At our global distribution headquarters, located outside Memphis, TN, we customize safety glasses, hi-vis garments, FR Clothing, and work gloves. Our next several sections highlight how customer imprinting works for each of newbb电子平台 Safety's products.


Our overall capabilities include the following:

  • Traditional silk screen printing
  • Reflective and full-color heat transfers
  • Pad printing
  • Embroidery and embroidered patches

    The newbb电子 a worker requires depends on the industry and the work performed. Do not worry, we customize all newbb电子平台 Safety product categories. Before we jump into each one, let us highlight the advantages to custom logo safety gear.


    Advantages To A Logo Imprinted

    Custom branding newbb电子 goes beyond just advertising. Of course, if you are marketer, you are already sold on promoting branded newbb电子 everyone else will see But, when it comes to those working out on a job site, there are a handful of reasons why custom newbb电子 makes sense. Here are all the reasons customized newbb电子 is beneficial.

    • Helps customers easily identify employees
    • Customized newbb电子 develops pride across a company’s workforce
    • newbb电子 is treated with a higher level of value, ensuring products last longer than standard newbb电子.
    • Helps workers identify what gear belongs to whom on a jobsite
    • Promotes safety awareness, like with our Watch Your Hands gloves
    • Companies want their newbb电子 emblazoned with their own brand.

    Also, branded newbb电子 of our latest offerings makes great company promotional gifts! We touch on this topic more in the next section.

    Promotional Products

    Promoting a company's identity and message in the marketplace doesn't have to end with the latest company's advertisement. It can be carried across the entire workforce, meeting your customer face-to-face.

    Promotional Marketing

    Promotional Branding

    Branding newbb电子 Helps Promote Your newbb电子’s Identity!

    Lastly, promotional newbb电子 products are excellent products for employees to hand out at tradeshows and events, customer visits, etc. When giving away custom newbb电子 to customers, you're promoting your brand and equipping someone with a product that protects them from workplace hazards. Think of what they'll think of your company when that safety glass protects their eyes from a flying object. They will remember you for the rest of their lives!

    So, why don't you promote your brand, rather than the newbb电子平台 Safety brand? Companies utilize numerous types of promotional products to support the brand: promotional pens, coffee mugs, tape measures, and countless other products. Why not customize products like newbb电子 that also keep workers safe? We discuss this more below.

    Custom Imprinting Process

    We customize newbb电子 all the time with the company's logos, slogans, and brand names. Or, maybe you have a new idea for a T-shirt logo design. No problem, our inside team can advise you of your options throughout the process. It's super simple, so let's walk you through the process.


    Once we have received your order for custom imprinted newbb电子, our service design team will work with you to create artwork representing the product being purchased. Here are all the steps involved with customizing newbb电子平台 Safety newbb电子:

    1. Step 1 –
      Choose your product.
    2. Step 2 –
      Place your order with a preferred distributor.
    3. Step 3 –
      Send us your artwork, preferred imprinting location.
    4. Step 4 –
      We will create a replicated image of the product with your artwork. Allow us around Please allow 4-5 days to create the custom artwork.
    5. Step 5 –
      Approve the file sent
    6. Step 6 –
      In 7-10 days, depending on the product, you’ll will be wearing your customized newbb电子 with pride!

    Now, let’s jump into each product category.

    Work Glove Imprinting

    Industry professionals have worn newbb电子平台 Safety’s leather work gloves and cotton gloves since the 1970s.  In the 21st century, you can have them personalized with your logo or custom imprinted with your unique message!

    Leather Glove Logo Transfer Process

    Nylon glove imprinting process

    We apply heat transfer logos on select styles of gloves.

    Industry professionals have worn newbb电子平台 Safety’s leather work gloves and cotton gloves since the 1970s.  In the 21st century, you can have them personalized with your logo or custom imprinted with your unique message!

    Work Glove Imprinting-Image

    Customized Safety Glasses

    Customized Safety Glasses-1

    What could be better than protecting your eyes with custom Z87 safety glasses? Showing off that company logo is how! Imprinting newbb电子平台 Safety glasses with your personalized text or logo is an excellent option for those wanting a custom look. And, guess what, custom printed safety glasses is our specialty. For any given year, we create over 1 million personalized safety glasses.

    With over 500 unique frame and lens options, we are sure to have the safety glasses you wall to wear. All we need from you is camera-ready artwork, your preferred colors, and an opening order from one of our distributor partners.


    Imprinted safety glasses


    Imprinted safety glasses drying


    Imprint orders have a lead-time of around ten working days for reruns and 15 working days for first-time imprints. Single-color and multi-color printing are available. For all our safety glass imprinting options, along with specific details

    Custom Printed Safety Vests, Hi-Vis Garments, And Custom T-Shirts


    Imagine all your workers wearing Hi-Vis apparel, and also advertising your company. Well, it can be done in a matter of no time! Security guards and law enforcement customize their gear, why can't a construction company or manufacturing facility do the same?


    Printed logos look terrific on the left front area of most garments. For those who prefer a giant logo, it will look better on the back. Keep in mind that every logo you add to a garment is an additional cost, but don't let that deter you from promoting both sides. You'll be amazed at how inexpensive customizing newbb电子 can be.



    Our lineup of garments that can be imprinted include the following:

    Hi-Viz Vests


    Hi-Viz T-shirts


    Hi-Viz Jackets


    Hi-Viz Rain Jacket



    We transform safety vests into your company's brand newbb电子.

    Custom Printed Safety Vests
    Custom Printed Safety Vests
    Custom Printed Safety Vests
    Custom Printed Safety Vests

    Customized Bomber Jackets are a big hit during the winter months! For giveaways, your customers or employees will only be thinking positive thoughts about you when staying warm.

    With a wide variety of colors, configurations, and sizes available, we are sure to have a garment you're going to want to wear. Customized hi-vis t-shirts, especially the moisture-wicking kind, are always popular during the hot summer months. How much do custom t-shirts cost? Request a quote, and we will get you all the information required to complete the transaction.

    For all our garment imprinting options, along with specific details.


    Put your logo here

    Logo Examples

    We've been manufacturing newbb电子 for well over 40 years now. During that time, we've created logos on a wide selection of products. Here is a look at some.

    There is no better way to protect workers or advertise a company than someone wearing newbb电子 with your logo on it — especially if it looks amazing on the person! If you are having any reservations about the process, costs, time involved, don't worry.

    Common Logo Questions


    How do I make a logo to imprint on a jacket?
    We can’t speak for everyone here, but we imprint on both the front and back of garments. We utilize silk screen printing and heat transferring techniques.

    Where can I imprint a logo?
    It all depends on the product. Safety glasses are imprinted typically in the corners, whereas many garment imprints will be located on the back.

    What are logo imprinted products?
    In our case newbb电子, it's a product made with your logo, making it the perfect product!

    How to remove logo stamp from leather gloves?
    It depends on the quality of the glove. However, we don't recommend doing this on newbb电子, as it may hurt the product's structural integrity.

    Is it possible to custom design safety glasses?
    Yes, we’ve highlighted our logo program above. If you’re thinking of creating your very own new safety glass only your company has access to, leave us a comment above.

    How to find custom leather gloves?
    You can request a quote above in our glove imprinting section. We will get you in contact with a distributor who will be able to process your order. Feel free to leave us in comments or questions about your specific needs too.

    How to imprint logo on leather?
    We utilize a heat transfer method to apply your logo to our leather newbb电子.

    FR Embroidery

    Embroidery is a logo technique that involves a stitching machine.

    It sure would be nice if FR clothing came with a customized company logo on the apparel. Guess what? We've got you covered! At newbb电子平台 Safety, we provide embroidery and personalization services for most FR garments at our main U.S. distribution facility outside Memphis, TN.

    We've recently updated our embroidery equipment and can print on a variety of products, primarily FR Clothing.

    Smart newbb电子 

    Smart newbb电子

    With today's modern technology, can a worker's safety gear talk? Is it possible to have dangerous hazards and situations communicated before they even occur? Could real-time data guide employee behavior? All of this is possible with newbb电子平台 Safety newbb电子 powered by Corvex™ technology!

    As we highlight in our blog, The Age of Smart newbb电子 Technology, we only need to know the hazards your company faces and can introduce additional newbb电子 styles powered with Corvex™ technology.

    Custom newbb电子 From Scratch-1

    Custom newbb电子 – From Scratch

    There is no one single recipe that creates all the tasty dishes we love eating. When it comes to newbb电子 and protecting people from workplace hazards, there is no one single item that will protect all workers.

    Is there newbb电子 you need based on the application performed, and we don't stock it? Maybe you have a workforce that requires one of our gloves in an XS size. Or, perhaps you would like to add a cut-resistant liner to a glove or added reinforcement to a glove. Custom protection is often required for unique hazards. Thankfully, we manufacture our product, which means we customize virtually any newbb电子 into the product you need. Plus, we're in the business of protecting people, which means we can create almost any product you require.

    An example of custom newbb电子 made is our 962-glove made for the utility industry. We incorporated reinforced rugged Kevlar and silicone directly onto the palm due to requests that came from that industry.

    There are some minimums required with customizing newbb电子 from scratch. However, do not let that stop you from reaching out to us. Consider this, that custom cut-resistant glove you need may be the difference between someone suffering a permanent lifelong injury and coming home in one piece. We will be happy to assist and answer any questions you have regarding this program.

    Let’s get that newbb电子 that fits your taste and needs protecting you!


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